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:iconthe-dark-wish: Is an open warrior cats group. There are less than 10 members! We need more people! Come on and join! Deputy of ThistleClan is open, so get your applications in! We need many more warriors and apprentices for each clan!
RP? ||The-Dark-Wish || Applestar by HORSEGIRL031999
RP? ||The-Dark-Wish || Applestar
Okays. So here is my RP meme for my beloved Applestar! My preferences for RP type and rating will be at the bottom of the page.

:bulletgreen: Open
:bulletred: Closed
:bulletorange: Partially Open

:bulletgreen: In Time of Grief. :bulletgreen:
--Applestar is caugh mourning Scatterstar's death in the middle of the territory by a fellow clanmate. The clanmate talks to her and helps her to partially get through her grief in order to better lead her clan. If the clanmate is harsh towards her, she may lash out at them. If they are gentle and understanding, she may let them see her cry.
|| ThistleClan || Warrior || Either Gender || 0/1 Spots Taken

:bulletred: My Clan or My Heart? :bulletred:
--Applestar finds out that she is expecting kits. Her mate is overjoyed, but Applestar is worried. Which will she choose? Her clan, or her kits? Will she have her kits and let another queen nurse them while she takes care of her duties, or will she promote her deputy to temporary leader and stay in the nursery with her kits?
|| ThistleClan || Warrior || Either Gender [Friends of Apple] || Tom [Her Mate] || 0/3 Spots Taken || 0/1 Spots Taken

:bulletgreen: You're Quite Handsome, you know... :bulletgreen:
--Applestar and a tom from her clan begin to talk a lot, becoming close friends. When they are out on a private patrol one day, Applestar tells the tom she thinks he is handsome. She then gets flustered, and runs off. Its up to the RPer of the tom as to if he will chase after her or not.
|| ThistleClan || Warrior || Tom || 0/1 Spots Taken

:bulletgreen: Get Off My Territory! :bulletgreen:
--Applestar and a patrol come across either a rogue or a GorseClan cat on their territory. Applestar confronts the cat fiercely, almost attacking them. Her clan has to restrain her as the cat is fleeing.
|| GorseClan/ No Clan || Apprentice/Warrior/Rogue || Any Gender || 0/1 Spot Taken
||ThistleClan || Warriors/Apprentices || Any Gender || 0/5 Spots taken

Roleplay Preferences
Notes | ✔
Skype | ✔
Chats | ✔
Comments | ✘
iScribble | ✘

Roleplay ratings
G/PG | ✔
PG-13 | ✔
M | ✔(On some things, be sure to ask me first)

Art (c) HORSEGIRL031999
Applestar (c) HORSEGIRL031999
Am I Ready for This...? ||Activity Check || by HORSEGIRL031999
Am I Ready for This...? ||Activity Check ||
Alternate Title: Why did you have to go..?

Appledawn sighed as she made her way to the place she would receive her nine lives. Her head was drooped in sadness, as Scatterstar had not only been her leader, but he had been her best friend since kithood. "Oh Scatterstar... Why did you have to go...?" She murmured as she stepped up to the StarClan place and touched her nose/drank from the pool. She received her nine lives in a dream, with her last life being given by Scatterstar himself.

As she headed back to camp with the medicine cat as their newly named leader, her paws felt heavy. "Freckleheart, head back to camp without me. I'll be there soon enough..." She murmured, sending her medicine cat back to camp ahead of her. Walking to a high hill in ThistleClan territory, she stood on the tip. "I miss you Scatterstar..." Her words were carried away on the breeze.

Looking up, she noticed that one star shone brighter than the rest. That had to be the former leader. She bowed her head for a moment, letting her grief overwhelm her for the last time before she had to face the clan. Sending a prayer up to StarClan to help her through the first moons as leader.

Stepping high, she headed back to camp. Her head was held high. Walking through the entrance, she noticed that the entire clan's eyes were on her. "Dismissed. Go back to your duties. I will pick a deputy when I feel ready to do so." She said, disappearing into Scatterstar's- her- den now. Flopping down on the moss, she finally let herself cry. She had a clan to support her. She could cry, and they wouldn't think any less of her. For now she'd grieve. But in 3 days, she would step up to the plate and make her presence known as the new leader at the next gathering. She would let Koistar know that ThistleClan was strong, and ready for anything they would throw at her clan.


Finally got this picture in! I've been struggling with how to have Applestar react to Scatter's death. Grief-stricken, depressed, or strong. I decided to mix the grief-stricken and strong. Applestar is mourning the loss of her best friend, but she knows she has to be strong for her clan.

Applestar (c) HORSEGIRL031999
Art (c) HORSEGIRL031999
The-Dark-Wish (c ) dark-AN0VA
:iconthe-dark-wish: Is an open warrior cats group. There are less than 10 members! We need more people! Come on and join! Deputy of ThistleClan is open, so get your applications in! We need many more warriors and apprentices for each clan!


Full Body Fruit Bloom w/ BG +1 extra character
YCH FB Auction by HORSEGIRL031999
A drawing like the one above, but with another bloom of your choice. Background included, as well as shading.
Fully Body Fruit Bloom w/o BG +1 extra character
Beloved Bloom || Zappy by HORSEGIRL031999
A drawing similar to the one above, except you can have a max of two characters in this one. No background, no shading. Names of the blooms are allowed for no extra cost
Fully Body Fruit Bloom w/ BG
YCH FB Auction by HORSEGIRL031999
A full-body bloom with a background and shading. Your choice of bloom. Single Bloom only.
Full-body Fruit Bloom Drawing w/o BG
Beloved Bloom || Zappy by HORSEGIRL031999
A full-body drawing of the fruit bloom of your choice. Only a single fruit bloom in this drawing. No background or shading.
Fruit Bloom Headshots
Gift: Hatterbunny Fruit Bloom Headshot by HORSEGIRL031999
These are simple, unshaded headshots of the fruit bloom of your choice. The Pegasus blooms will have the little wing you see there, and the unicorns will have a horn of course. The earth blooms won't have anything, as they are neither a unicorn or a Pegasus. You can have piercings added in, scarves add, or necklaces added. Piercings are no extra cost, but for necklaces, add 1 point and for scarves and other semi-complex to complex things, add in 5 extra points. The base price is 10 points for a bloom with no extras.


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